Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More lovely actresses, more stinky careers.
My readers chime in.

Several of my readers have chimed in through several social media outlets and the field of lovely actresses with stinky careers is growing like Topsy.

Longtime reader Lockwood nominates Milla Jovovich.

Terrific choice.

Is she pretty? D'uh.

Has she been in anything good? Well, I liked Dazed and Confused and The Fifth Element.

The rest of her career? Ouch.

My nephew Josh put some thought into his response. Too much thought?  It's not my place to judge.

But he did add FIVE actresses to the list, and he limited himself to women with the first name Jennifer.

Jennifer Garner.  Yeah, she's earned a spot. I kinda love her and I think Ben Affleck did a massive upgrade when he decided to marry her, but there's been problems, not least of which is the movie where she and Affleck met, Daredevil.

Jennifer Lopez. I loved her in Out of Sight, but there has been much stinky cheese after that.

I could kick myself for missing her the first time around.

Jennifer Love-Hewitt. Not a career to which I've paid much attention, but she has the requested qualifications.

Jennifer Aniston. Okay, I actually did kick myself for not putting her on the list.  Not hard, but literally.

She was such a favorite on my tabloid blog, she should have come to mind immediately.

And going a little farther back, my nephew Josh reminds us of the vanishing act that was the career of Jennifer Grey. As my nephew Josh put it "Find some post Dirty Dancing relevancy, I dare you!"

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner"? "Nobody puts Jennifer in a good movie" is more like it.

The field is getting seriously filled up. My sister Karla has made some male nominations, which I think deserve another poll after this.

If you have a bright idea, put it in the comments or send me an e-mail. I may have to limit the list just because Blogger software can be fussy, but I'd love to hear more ideas.

Gorgeous actresses! Ugly careers!  It's up to you, America! (And also my readers from other lands. Didn't mean to come across all jingoistic there.)


nancy namaste said...

What about Halle Berry? She has had a couple of good roles but most of them are garbage and now that she's 46, I suspect that the overaged frat boys that now run LaLa land will just write her off. Hollywood's track record on women in the industry leaves a lot to be desired.

nancy namaste said...

Sorry - I see that you have already listed Halle.