Friday, March 15, 2013

New poll: Good actors with stinky careers

Okay, regular readers will recognize the format from earlier this month. A list of actors is over on the sidebar, good actors with stinky careers.

What is the criterion for voting? Well, it's completely subjective, but think of it this way. You have two actors, X and Y. If you loved X's best work more than you loved Y's best work AND you think X's worst work is both worse and more plentiful than Y's worst work, then X beats Y and you shouldn't give Y your vote. If you have some actor Z who you think is better than X but hasn't fallen as far, maybe you should give both of them your vote.

Rule #1
No Old School!
I was thinking about the category and someone brought up some actors from an earlier era. This person did not mention Vincent Price by name, but it's hard not to think of him. Good work in fine films and then... his later career.

I discussed this with several people and it was unanimous.

We love Vincent Price. We would never want to show Vincent Price the least amount of disrespect. We even loved him when he was overacting in cheese.

So out of respect to the legendary Vincent Price, we have a list of actors who are all alive, who have been in good projects and done good work, but their careers leave something to be desired.

In alphabetical order, F Murray Abraham bats first. From Amadeus to Shark Swarm and BloodMonkey.

No, I am not making those titles up.

I readily admit that I didn't think of him first. That honor goes to friend of the blog Mike Strickland.

I also did not originally have Nicolas Cage on the list. It was my sister Karla who mentioned him first. His best stuff is wonderful.

His worst stuff is awful and plentiful.

My friend Art recommended Vin Diesel.

I can hear your question. Wait, Vin Diesel was in something good?

Saving Private Ryan. Find Me Guilty. Boiler Room.

And then... well.

Here's the guy that first sprang to my mind. Cuba Gooding Jr. Seriously, the phrase "new Cuba Gooding Jr. comedy" is as off-putting as "direct to DVD". But his best stuff is really good.

People sent in a bunch of suggestions, and these suggestions made me think of Eric Roberts.

Remember when Julia Roberts broke into the business and people referred to her as Eric's cute kid sister?

Eric did some very good work early on, including a strong action film called Runaway Train and he looked like he might hit it big after Star 80. He won awards from respected film critic societies.

Then, his career happened.


Last on the list: Will Smith.  He was so good in Ali and he was a lot of fun in the first Men In Black. I liked The Legend of Bagger Vance, though I may not be in the majority.  But then there's Wild Wild West and the later MIB stuff, Independence Day.

In any case, these are your six choices. I apologize to all the folks who nominated people who didn't make the cut. I used The First Rule Of Blogging - a.k.a. You're Not The Boss Of Me - to make the list, but it was nothing personal.

Make your choices. The poll will be open until next Friday. You can vote for multiple actors. (I know I will.)

May the best actor with the worst career win.

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Lockwood said...

Gotta go with Vin. There's a lot of movies out there I haven't seen- generally avoid SyFy stuff like plague. ONLY saw Roberts in Star 80, so no basis to judge- I presume he was the creepy boyfriend? Haven't seen Ali, either. Just to let you know. My vote is based on a well-founded dislike of Deisel (forgot he was in Saving Private Ryan).