Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New poll nominations:
Good actors with stinky careers

Okay. Fresh off Halle Berry's win making her the go-to gorgeous actress who has done good work and a whole lot of stink, we now start the nominating process for the guys.

I'll admit sexist bias here, but "pretty" isn't a big part of the qualification process here.  What I'm looking for is actors who have done good work - winning some major award is nice but not necessary - and have also appeared in many, many stinkers.

Just to be clear: Casper Van Diem, Dolph Lundgren, Adam Sandler. They don't count because they don't have any good work to speak of.

So here we go with our starting line-up, the guys I'll call The Big Three. All of them Oscar winners, all their careers filled with the dubious.

F. Murray Abraham
Won Oscar in: Amadeus
But then he showed up in: so many films on the SyFy Channel I think even he has lost track.

Cuba Gooding Jr.
Won Oscar in: Jerry Maguire
I also loved him in: Boyz N The Hood, A Few Good Men, Outbreak
 But then he showed up in: Daddy Day Camp, Boat Trip, Rat Race, Snow Dogs, Norbit, ...   

Nicolas Cage
Won Oscar in: Leaving Las Vegas
I also loved him in: Raising Arizona, Red Rock West
But then he showed up in: Vampire's Kiss, Ghost Rider, Knowing, The Sorceror's Apprentice, ...  

Okay, these three guys are into the semi-finals, no problem.  Do you have anyone else that you think deserves to join them.  One stinky film in a good career is not enough, so Samuel L. Jackson showing up for Snakes On A Plane won't put him on the list.

Nominations close Thursday night. Put your suggestion in the comments. The poll will start on Friday. 


Lockwood said...

Bit of intro before I make my nomination. There is a trinity of great actors that have appeared in the most gawd-awful shite: Sean Connery, Michael Caine, and Donald Sutherland. I have never been able to explain some of their choices except to suppose they love acting so much, if there's nothing worthwhile going on, they panic and grab whatever they can find, no matter how much of a dawg it is. But like I say, I consider these guys to be true greats, so not really eligible for this.

My nominee is Will Smith, who was good in "6 Degrees of Separation," the original "Men in Black," and not awful in MIB II & III. Then there's "Independence Day," "I, Robot," and "Wild, Wild West." You never get that time back.

Also regarding that last, Salma Hayek was in that, too. Her career has been better overall than most of the last poll's contestants, but she's had some real stinkers, too.

Matthew Hubbard said...

Hey, Lockwood! Nice to hear from you.

Good point about Salma Hayek. I think Angelina Jolie could be put on the list as well, but both of them would have been hard pressed to beat Halle Berry.

Will Smith is a perfectly reasonable choice. As for the older actors, all three have been in dreck, but I would say Caine and Sutherland have redeemed themselves, but Connery not as much. He should definitely be considered.

I won't promise that both will be on the final list, but at least one will.

Abu Scooter said...

Vin Diesel gets my vote. Given all the "Fast and Furious" drek he's headlined, it's easy to forget his great work in Boiler Room and Find Me Guilty.

Secondary vote goes to Brendan Fraser, star of the recent Mummy franchise. The argument can be made that he was never good, but Gods and Monsters and Crash suggest a lot of unfulfilled promise.

Matthew Hubbard said...

Two good choices, Abu. I'll put at least one of them on the final list.