Monday, March 11, 2013

Pretty Actresses, Stinky Careers:
The undisputed CHAMPEEN!

Okay. I came up with this category of attractive actresses with stinky careers with one name in mind.

Is Halle Berry the "I win" card?

A majority of correspondents said yes and she was the only name on a majority of ballots.

When you think pretty actresses with stinky careers, think Halle Berry.

Tomorrow, a new poll, this time for the guys. The prettiness doesn't factor in quite as much - and as you will see, I'm not just saying this because I'm a heterosexual male - but the idea that they have been in quality films with excellent performances mixed in with a WHOLE LOT of the stinky stinky. The "quality films with excellent performances" removes many people from contention - and yes, Adam Sandler, I'm talking about you - but the list is long, the competition fierce and there may not be an undisputed CHAMPEEN.

Join me tomorrow.

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