Sunday, December 25, 2016

All the tweeted Christmas music in one post

I tweeted links to a bunch of Christmas music starting Friday, so here they all are in one easy to access place.

I started with The Wexford Carol, my favorite traditional Christmas son, performed by Allison Krauss and Yo-Yo Ma.

Next, Daniela Andrade sing the Vince Guaraldi tune Christmas Time Is Here, positive lyrics over a very melancholy tune, with a bonus adorable dog.

And for a real hearttugger, it's hard to beat Charles Brown's 1960 hit, the often covered but never equaled Please Come Home for Christmas.

This one was recommended by Frank Conniff, a.k.a. TV's Frank, a holiday station identification from CBS back in 1966.

And one of the great recent traditions, Darlene Love singing Christmas, Baby Please Come Home on the David Letterman show for the last time with the full Wall of Sound treatment.

And the saddest modern Christmas song, made sadder this year, Another Lonely Christmas, one of my favorite B-sides from Prince.

And after all this melancholy, I sincerely wish a happy holiday season to all my readers.

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