Friday, August 10, 2018

Where I'm sending my money

Hiya, blog readers! I'm going back to writing something here on a regular basis.

Starting with something brief, I'm going to list my political contributions so far this year.

My first three contributions are in three different states, none of them California.

1. Stacey Abrams. She's running for governor of Georgia and she has a real shot. Her opponent is Brian Kemp. I could list his faults, but suffice it to say he's a Republican and awful. You may notice that this is a trend this year.

2. Beto O'Rourke. He's running for Senate against Ted Cruz in Texas and he has a real shot. If you don't know Ted Cruz's faults by now, you probably don't follow politics closely and that's okay. We need people who don't follow politics closely to get engaged. Besides supporting Republican initiatives like the destruction of health care and the enormous tax scam passed last year, Cruz is a nasty human that even fellow Republicans find objectionable personally.

3. Danny O'Connor. O'Connor is running for a House seat in a very red district in Ohio. The special election was held this last Tuesday and he trails in that races, but it's close and not all the ballots have been counted yet. His opponent is Troy Balderson, who has been endorsed by Trump. I can think of no worse insult than "endorsed by Trump".

Regardless of the result of this special election, there will be another election for the same job in November. If there is going to be a Blue Wave, Ohio's 12th District is the kind of place that could flip from red to blue.

Anyone who has read my stuff before knows I'm partisan, but seriously, the Republicans support evil. How is separating families anything but evil? What does the rule of law even means if toddlers have to defend themselves in court? Why would we bring a carcinogen like asbestos back into the building trades unless we admit we don't care about human life?

The list goes on and on. I'm in the bad demographic, old, male, straight and white, but I have an education, which seems to mitigate some of the worst tendencies of people like me. I am being selfish hoping for the Democrats to regain power, because two more years of unchecked Republican legislation means government money I am going to rely on, things I paid into like Social Security and Medicare, could get slashed for no other reason than performative cruelty.

I'm not a woman or person of color or gay or transgendered or any of a number of categories that are under attack. But I am strongly union, and I believe in the goals of unions, to come together to help as many people as possible.

To my longtime readers, welcome back. To folks just finding me, hello! I ask that people be respectful in the comments. The answer to the demand "Debate me!" is "Fuck off!"

I'll be back tomorrow. I have no idea what the topic will be, which is kind of exciting.

Well... for me at least.


Padre Mickey said...

Welcome back, professor!

Matthew Hubbard said...

Thanks, Padre! You and Travis get a shout-out in my next post.